Product Designer — Early riser

Designing products of salience that enrich our daily lives.

Obsessed with

Hello there, I'm Taha.

I spend most of my thinking about how technology can help better understand ourselves and each other. Other than being an avocation, design is a way for me to express myself with acerbity, meaningfully connect with the world and ask fundamental questions. Since design is also a great mediator, lately I've been using it with contrivance to solve problems that propel us towards a pragmatic future.


Albums will vary in genres — I pretty much listen to everything. Lately, I have been making playlists for every little moment. Currently making a playlist to jam to with my morning coffee.


Type of books contingent on what I am going through in life. Lately, as per my frequent existential crises, I have been going through mostly non-fiction books focused on self development. Current favourite: Thinking Fast and Slow.


Planning to re-watch Blade Runner 2049 in IMAX when screened once again because I'm forever tainted that I didn't watch in the big screen when I had the chance.

I'd love to chat about anything.